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Only the Fallen Know True Pain

For They Once Knew Heaven

Stefan Dark
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Name: Stefan Dark (True Name: Hael)

Age: Unknown, but appears to be 25

Species: Angel (Fallen)

Looks: Standing at roughly 6'1', Stefan has jet black hair that falls to his shoulders and mid back with light blue eyes. Sometimes those eyes are a frightening crimson shade if the timing is right. Overall, he has a lean, compactly toned look with pale skin that contrasts well with his particular clothing choices. Various piercings adorn his body even as set of black raven wing tattoos completely cover his back. He has a haunting kind of beauty that lingers from what he once was. Basically, he is beautiful in the way that all angelics are, though if it is mere illusion only he knows.

Personality: Charming and seductive when he chooses to be, Stefan either likes someone or dislikes them almost instantly. Things are often simply black or white with him with few grey areas. His morality is questionable at best as there is little he will not do if he sets his mind to it. Persistent and stubborn in an implacable, single minded way when something catches his attention or he believes strongly enough in an idea, goal or desire. He will have what he desires, no matter the cost. He has a hate/love emotional response going for humanity though he tolerates humans to a greater or lesser degree in general. He is neither pure good or pure evil but an odd mixture of both. He looks out for number one only, though he does have odd times where he has shone a self-sacrificing side. Those times are all too rare and cannot be counted upon.


Hael started his existence as a created angel in Heaven as the angel of inspiration. He did not set out to be Fall from grace but did so in the name of love. He fell in love with a human soul who he could not save and was simply supposed to watch die. In the end, he saved the human and ended up at a trial for his subordination.

One set of his wings was ripped from his back and he chose to Fall to the mortal worlds instead of suffering the loss of all of them as well as the punishment Heaven dealt out to atone for his 'sin'. Since falling, Hael took the name Stefan Dark and has been using it in his travels ever since.

Stefan decided to become the proud owner of Purgatory most recently and has been running the club with a charming smile ever since he decided to use it for his cure for boredom. Temptation is what he sells and a gateway into the world of sins of the flesh or redemption under the kiss of a whip or other pleasures. His place is between Heaven and Hell where he has chosen to spend his immortality. The fallen angel watches those who come and go from his club with a knowing smile.

Fortune did smile on Stefan as he found Rhiannon by running Purgatory. But that, as they say, is another story.

Powers/Weapons: Stefan can heal a human body rather easily even as he has the power of flight once he lets his wings emerge from his back. He can manipulate the souls of others, though it is only a thing he does when someone strikes a bargain with him that allows payment in such coin. He has claws that will emerge from his fingertips at will even as his strength is superhuman when he chooses to exercise it. He can take on a more demonic appearance but it costs him greatly. The only reason he even shifts his shape in such a manner is if you piss him off enough or someone is threatening his territory that warrants that kind of intimidation. He can be mesmerizing when he chooses to be though in general he simply passes himself off as any other human in order to blend more within the scenery. He has a latent talent for manipulating fire, though he cannot create it on his own. A holdover from what he is and where he is now. He can travel to heaven or hell if he so chooses but in general stays away from those places and out of any war between them.

He can assume his true form now that he has his second set of wings back. In his natural state, he is a gryphon. Yes, a fuzzy, fluffy gryphon. (Half-lion & half-eagle) He has the ability to use raw force in focused blasts, manipulate time and space, as well as the other powers of the Cherubim. In times of great danger when he needs to protect those he cares for, he can call upon more raw power than ever before. The problem is that such attacks drain him severely and do not last as long as his ‘normal’ power.

Strengths: His physical strength is amazing, even as his power of flight gives him great advantage in an open space where he can spread his wings completely. His speed is beyond human though limited upon earth. He has an innate immunity to unholy presences and power that came to him over a period of time spent on earth as a fallen angel. His ability to read people and his new found powers (those returned to him as well as those he has when he goes beyond the angelic norm) make him a force to be reckoned with but he is far, far from being a god.

Weaknesses: Anything truly holy will hurt him in more than a physical sense. True believers of any religion can give him pause and even turn him back with nothing more than their religious symbol and the power of their faith behind it. Vampires might not be bothered by crosses by Stefan can be in the hands of the right person. He can walk on holy ground but it truly burns him the longer he remains upon it. Attending church is out of the question unless he wants pure agony.

He is drawn to beautiful things, much as he was with Ajax. He cannot help it if something beautiful catches his eye then he will be drawn to it with varying amounts of attention and desire. It can drive him to madness if he does not give in to this love of beauty. It is why he fell so long ago, even as it has brought him trouble in his time upon earth as well.

Misc. Info: None at present. Might add later.

***NOTE This is a role-playing journal for purgatory_dawn. My personal journal can be found here ambrosewulf